Unschooling Pets

We have fed our dog a raw food diet since she was a puppy, raw bones and all. It’s known as the Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet. Our dog is also completely unvaccinated and the only vet we take her to is a Holistic vet that recommends the raw food diet. Just like the human diet, over processed food lacks nutrition and causes disease which most all veterinarians are no different than allopathic medical doctors, but they prey upon your pets instead of you. Many Holistic veterinarians aren’t even holistic, they are scammers that try to profit from the word while still pushing vaccines and drugs on your pets in order to create more business for themselves. Don’t school your pets, unschool them! I cringe when people cage train or say they are taking their pets to obedience training school! Or their puppy can’t socialize until they’ve been fully vaccinated so they have to wait a few months, are you kidding me? Our society has been completely groomed for the vaccine holocaust we are experiencing today.

As they say, “A dog is a man’s best friend” and “Every dog is a reflection of its owner” and I find this to be very true. People who vaccinate and drug their dogs every year and do the same thing for themselves often end up sick along with their dog and people who treat their pets like crap often have no self-worth. And then the most sad of all is those who abuse there pets because they lack self-control and love as people who can’t control themselves try to control others. Then theres the schooled obedient people who spent much of their lives in school and want their pets to be just as obedient as they are so they send them to obedience school. Our dog is a member of our family, she’s my daughter, my son’s sister. We love and accept her for who she is and want to give her the best life possible! Her needs are similar to our sons so it’s a great companionship, she needs, love, play, and food.

Unvaccinated, Unleased, and Unfixed
Our dog is Unvaccinated and Unleashed most of the time. We only leash her if we’re by a road as we don’t want her to get hit by a car. We have a Border Collie so she stays with us most of the time, but is very social as they are socially intelligent dogs so she likes to greet other people and dogs. She is also Unchipped and I couldn’t imagine chipping your pets.

Our dog is also Unfixed. Spaying & neutering animals changes their personality and the likely hood for a dog to get pregnant is rather slim unless they are a stray dog running around the neighborhood and in heat. There is only a short window of time, twice a year, that female dogs can get pregnant as they can only get pregnant when they are in heat. They are in heat for about two weeks. And since most everyone follows the herd and gets their pets fixed, it’s pretty rare to find a dog that isn’t fixed these days. So unless you leave a female that is in heat with an unfixed male dog in the backyard, the likely hood of the female mating is quite rare. We used to use a doggy diaper when she is in the house, but as they get older they bleed much less. Since our dog turned 5, we rarely use a diaper anymore. The reason fixing your animals is so normalized today is because it is a business, vets make money.

"The difference between humans and animals. Animals would never allow the dumbest of the herd to lead them."

"Schooling kids is like exercising dogs on a leash. They’ll never reach their full potential because of the powers holding them back." ~ Unschooling.com



Veterinarians are the LEADING Cause of death for pets…the following post can easily apply to Veterinarians.