'Yeet the teets' doctor reported to Biden's FTC for promoting breast removal surgery to minors

Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher runs the Gallagher Plastic Surgery clinic in FLORIDA under Governor DeSantis. If you think DeSantis is for protecting children, you need to search Florida on this website. Florida is also one of the worst places to raise a family. DeSantis is controlled opp! @Florida

"I thought Desantis was “Taking down the Cabal”…
Can’t do that while supporting their largest trafficking operation, harboring elite criminals, promoting the exact system & abuser loopholes…& more…

Dang" ~ Meghan Walsh

What does this have to do with Desantis?

Good question, DeSantis is allowing this child abuse to happen in his state while people, especially conservatives, watch him give speeches on the news on how he is protecting children when nothing could be further from the truth. DeSantis is controlled opp, it’s all political theatre, what he says is very different from what he actually does, like most politicians. I don’t think he is the savior that a lot of people make him out to be.

DeSantis graduated from Yale and then went on to Harvard Law School where he earned his law degree. While I don’t think he was part of the Skull & Bones, these are two very deep connections that make me think he didn’t get to where he is by happenstance and he is being primed to be a 2024 Presidential Candidate. Make no mistake, he is part of the Globalist Agenda, he just plays an opposing role.

“Allowing” is inaccurate. But I’ll ping him and see what he knows about it. Also, this is one of the best states to raise kids. Being on the ground with both of these matters, I’m not sure why you think otherwise.

Did you see the tweet from Meghan Walsh, John Walsh’s daughter, in the first post?

Florida is also a major target of weather wars, weather modification which was discussed in great detail on alternative news sources regarding Hurricane Ian. Also Bill Gates released hundreds of thousands of genetically engineered mosquitoes in Florida…it’s no wonder they want freedom seekers to move there so they can wage war on them!