Generation X Parents, What Have You Done to Our Millennials?

Generation X Parents, What Have You Done to Our Millennials?
by Laurie A. Couture on February 20, 2016

How Boomer Feminism Has Indoctrinated and Harmed Young People

Inebriated by screens and raised by perpetually nostalgic, adolescent-like parents, the Millennials, as a generation, have been given nothing towards which to rebel. Their Generation X parents had been society’s bad-asses, metalheads, tough kids and rebels, enjoying sex, living fast and narrowly escaping dying young. After facing the lessons of “the dark side” of life, Generation X grew up to be more compassionate, more conscious and more connected to nature, spirituality and family than their Baby Boomer parents. Our restless wisdom, intellect and creative innovation has been as dangerous to a consumeristic global order as was the social justice pioneering of the Boomer youth before us. With the murder of peace icon John Lennon in 1980, it was made clear to the Boomers that service to human rights was a dead profession. Their sense of hopelessness was quickly distracted by a growing social order of career focus and material prosperity.

This program of social engineering had roots with the political birth of modern feminism. Contrary to the common belief that feminism was about “equality” between the sexes, feminism was a means to socially engineer a docile population willing to work, consume, buy and die without question. Feminism was a movement funded privately, with government ties, to drive a rift through the heart of society’s last stronghold of personal and collective freedom: The human family. By seducing stay-at- home mothers into the workplace and causing them to grow in contempt for child care, not only would the government have the ability to tax the other half of the adult population, but children would be willingly handed over to day cares, preschools, kindergartens and schools. This would have the effect of further weakening family bonds and providing a captive audience of disconnected and restless children ripe for a social engineering curriculum of obedience, consumerism and consumption.

By the early 80’s, the Boomers turned away from their hippie, peace and unity roots and became seduced by the careers, prosperity, materialism and the stylish “Yuppie” culture offered to them. Their “latch-key” children paid the price by returning home each day to homes empty of parents and devoid of connection. They were raised by the TV set and by their equally disconnected peers. Generation X was famous for being angry and rebellious “without a cause”. As a generation, our Boomer parents had seemed ill-equipped to understand us, connect to us or compassionately respond to our needs without trying to buy a solution, a therapist or a babysitter.

However, when my generation gave birth to the Millennials, we sought to be there for our children and protect them. Unfortunately, in efforts to prove ourselves hip to the task of understanding youth angst, Gen X-ers have been vulnerable to nostalgia and therefore have refused to give up our 1980’s adolescence. Gen X parents were so interested in appearing “cool” that they became suffocating “friends” to the Millenials rather than connected to the needs of the Millennials. Some of us Gen X parents proudly brought our bad-ass rebellion to the defense of our children by saying no to public schooling and saying yes to parenting for connection and a return to nature: Homeschooling, unschooling, Attachment Parenting, natural family living and Paleo eating have been among the results.

However, Gen X parents as a collective became lost in nostalgia and in filling their emptiness through their children’s accomplishments. They competed with other parents, they pushed achievement above play and they praised product above creativity. They became hysterically fearful of any situation which they could not control in the lives of their children, turning nature, art, free play, free time, the neighborhood, adventures and exploration into an enemy that needed to be subdued. Gen X parents cowered to the pressure for their children to conform: They allowed the Millennials to drown in the pharmaceuticals, media, devices, regimented activities and oppressive schooling socially engineered by Baby Boomer ideology.

Gen Xers were, as a generation, rejecting of feminism. As a generation of confident, snarky, “we can be anything we want to be” rebels, Gen X youth didn’t need feminism telling us what to believe or what to do. We Gen X young women loved our Gen X young men: We loved their bodies, their style, their long hair, their confidence, their attention and yes, sex with them. As a generation, both female and male, we were raised to feel like competent, strong equals. As a generation, Gen X naturally secured equality between the sexes by the freedom we had in forming alliances, connections and relationships in the educational, career and personal worlds. As a result, we didn’t see the zombie about to be resurrected.

However, by some savvy political necromancy motivated by renewed social engineering agendas, the bitter corpse of Boomer feminism was resurrected in the late 90’s to target society’s new grandchildren. This time, the gender programming would be fierce and war-like, with a three-fold agenda:

  1. Incessant shaming, mocking and denigration of boys and men in the media and in the culture, presenting males as irrelevant predators and the male body and sexuality as dangerous and distasteful. Sexual and domestic abuse of boys and men, especially by females, would be hidden and ignored through academic and social service disinformation and censorship.

  2. Excessive promotion of females as fragile, traumatized and oppressed by society, under the ironic guises of “Girl Power”, female “empowerment”, “equality” and female entitlement. Disinformation, data omission and strategic funding would be used to create an illusion in the media, in academia and in the social services that Western girls and women were unsafe in society.

  3. Distract both males and females from this ruse by exploiting the very real human rights struggles of gay and lesbian activists. The legitimate GLBT community would be used and exploited by confusing and programming straight Millennials to believe that gender and sexual orientation are just as versatile as clothing: Trying on a new gender or a new sexual orientation was like trying on a jacket at a store!

With the children under the control of the schools, the media and every extra curricular program on the planet, these three agendas would drive the final nail in the coffin of family life by destroying the natural unity, camaraderie and complimentary relations between boys and girls and women and men.

Sandwiched by Boomer gender engineering and Gen X suffocation, the Millennials have been kept on a tight leash of nature-fearing, freedom-phobic, “abstinence only”, connection-repelling, “safety”-at- all-costs insanity. The Boomer’s incessant 20-year campaign of gender-indoctrination has been an easy injection to sneak into youth so anesthetized and subdued by parents too lost in their 70’s and 80’s nostalgia to notice. How could the Millennials assert their autonomy under the blanket of their “helicopter” parents, who had already broken all the rules, had all the sex, listened to the “awesomest” music, flaunted all the “raddist” clothing, rocked all the wildest hair styles and stolen all coolest “when I was a kid” stories? How could the Millennials develop a legacy as historically unattainable as that of their Boomer grandparents, who had the ability to mobilize mass groups of people through legendary leaders like John Lennon and Martin Luther King Jr.?

The Millennials reacted to this juxtaposition by remaining perpetually childlike, feigning innocence and fragile senses of self, while at the same time playing with sexuality as if it is a secret object found in a dusty old attic. Millennial young women, imitating animae characters and what they believe to be the accessories of the 80’s, dress in faux retro styles with a hybrid of sexually taunting, yet baby-doll innocence. Millennial young men, who obediently believe that they are nothing but comedic fodder for females, first clumsily mismatched some of the most unrealistic examples of what they believed to be retro and deemed themselves “hipsters”. Yet, completely antithetical to the stylish 70’s and 80’s, they cropped off their hair for most of the 2000’s, they dressed with baggy sloppiness and now hide behind bushy, wizard-like beards. Its as if young men are saying, “Why bother?”.

Although the Millennials have not, as a generation, suffered the collective extreme child abuse and human rights violations of generations past, they claim that adulthood responsibility “triggers” them and they demand “safety” and “protection” from thought, emotion, empathy, dialogue, conflicting opinions and human intimacy. Young women explode the Tumblr and Twittershere with obtuse rants about hating men, of being oppressed, of being fearful, of demanding equality, all while sending these violent tirades through the privilege of their Smartphones. The Millennials have formed a bizarre hybrid of a sexually charged, yet pre-pubescent youth culture: Apathy is the emotion, mockery is the way of life and cartoon characters and pretentious child-like fantasies are fetishized and played like reality (i.e.: “furries”, “cloppers” and cosplay). Actual connected sexual and romantic relationships, especially between females and males, are viewed as dangerous and politically treasonous. Females are encouraged to reject males who desire relationships by “friend zoning” them by default, and instead, hook up with females. If they must consort with males, they are not faulted by society for using males as coat racks, ATM machines, laborers, shoulders to cry on, or, as human dildos.

Millennial girls and young women have been indoctrinated for the past two decades by feminist media and educational programming to devalue males, to devalue long-term romantic relationships, to devalue having a family, to inflate career and education to the status of honorary family and to view males with contempt, fear, disgust and disrespect. I view these Millennial girls and young women, just like their broken male counterparts, as being victims of political propaganda; they are simply the products of what their elders have forced down their gullets. Back in the day, us Gen X women were wild, strong, street-wise, bad-ass and rebellious. Our generation of women jumped into mosh pits, rode motorcycles, skinny-dipped, initiated sex, defended ourselves in fist fights and raced sports cars alongside the dudes. We didn’t claim to be weak, oppressed or victims. However, led by the new Millennial soldiers that our generation refused to set free, Gen X women and men have been lapping up the Boomers’ rancid feminist propaganda since the dawn of Facebook. Apparently, our generation has forgotten how it hurt to be the first generation of youth whose mothers, as a generation, fought to abort us, abandon us, buy us and subdue us.

I’m not being totally facetious when I say that in this gender-confused, litigious, touch-fearing culture, it is surprising to realize that the Millennials, as a generation, have actually figured out how to have children! However, some of the oldest Millennials, as well as the youngest Gen Xers, are right now bringing that yet unnamed generation into existence. What do we want for this next generation? Do we want them to experience a joy, happiness, connection and freedom that we never had? Do we want these boys and girls to feel good about themselves, good about each other and good about connection? If we want to offer them something better than the poison of living under the influence of screens, school indoctrination, pharmaceuticals and gender engineering, then we and our Millennials must walk away from the toxic ideologies and social institutions that have only harmed us. Be ready, Gen Xers: Like us, their grandparents, these feisty little ones are likely to grow up rejecting the feminism that is already being forced upon them. Let’s be ready to guide them to something more humanitarian!

Laurie A. Couture is the author of Instead of Medicating and Punishing: Healing the Causes of Our Children’s Acting-Out Behavior by Parenting and Educating the Way Nature Intended. She was featured in the films, Class Dismissed (2014) and The War On Kids (2009)

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