Pearson is a monolithic corporation based in London with a near monopoly on school textbook publishing. Oddly enough, Pearson began as a building company in England in 1844 and became one of the largest construction companies in the world by the 1880s. Today, the company is rebranding to focus solely on indoctrination. Pearson owns Penguin Books and partners with the College Board to administer the SAT in the United States. The company makes $1.7 billion from educational testing worldwide each year. That’s a large portion of its $6 billion revenue, the highest in the publishing industry.

Jeffrey Epstein’s madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, has family connected to Pearson. Ghislaine Maxwell’s Father was a publishing mogul who owned Macmillan Publishing which Pearson acquired in 1998. Ghislaine’s sister, Christine Maxwell, is the Program Manager of Learning Technologies at the University of Texas

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"If we want to fix education, we’ve also got to fix the textbooks. Pearson describes itself as the “World’s Education Company.” It is the largest ed materials company in the world with market cap of a little under $10 billion across 100+ markets.

It’s Woke. Let’s have a look." ~ James Lindsay

"So, here’s the issue: Pearson recently published a policy document (pdf: https://www.pearsonenespanol.com/PoliticaEditorial29092021.pdf) that explicitly embraces anti-racism and says that “all of the content and products Pearson sells will align with anti-racism principles.” In fact, the document is a Woke disaster." ~ James Lindsay

"The foreword from Pearson CEO, Andy Bird, is really curious in just about 100 words. Their reputation “rests on creating content that is not only relevant, factual and evidence-based, but also ethical, inclusive and developed with an appreciation for equity and diversity.”" ~ James Lindsay

"Bird seems to recognize that factual and evidence-based educational materials are at odds with “ethical, inclusive [materials] developed with an appreciation for equity and diversity.” He’s right. DEI is snake oil based on Communist political distortions of facts and evidence." ~ James Lindsay

"Nevertheless, Pearson’s commitment to “Social Justice” are absolute, including its “global commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion,” “anti-bias,” and 2030 sustainability goals, and to “no longer needing to remind anyone that Black lives matter.”" ~ James Lindsay

"Their commitment to this Communist agitprop is so deep that they say that it “underpins their brand” and that businesses who want to work with them are expected to uphold the same—cartel/trust behavior that should be illegal." ~ James Lindsay

"Btw, Pearson has a $400 million annual revenue business in K-12 statewide assessments required by No Child Left Behind. Pearson also runs K-12 virtual schools for about 120,000 kids, many of whom are in states that have explicitly outlawed CRT type curriculum." ~ James Lindsay

"They start off with their commitment to human rights and the rights of the child, but notice the key words highlighted. Authentic and inclusive will be according to Identity Marxism. Purple haired person ostensibly agrees." ~ James Lindsay

"Their commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is more challenging because it links to several other documents that contain much of the force of these commitments, a tactic I’m realizing is typical. The gist is clear. Identity Marxism is the mode for producing ed materials." ~ James Lindsay

"But, but, but…! They support learning based on evidence and facts! CEO Bird said so!

Well… This is pretty astonishing, even to me, to see unpacked. Abortion, sexuality, equity, climate change, sustainability… Facts!" ~ James Lindsay

"They even managed to cram “equitable” into their statement that they won’t break the law (those CRT laws, though?) while producing these materials." ~ James Lindsay

"It’s kind of humorous that Kendi tweeted that standardized tests are the #1 instrument of white supremacy and Pearson gets 10% of its revenue from that business. Will they get out of testing, given this newfound total commitment to equity?" ~ James Lindsay

"Their “scope of the policy” statement is headed with an image of them data mining a little girl and then begins with a self-imposed struggle session. They’re in deep with no way to resist if they’re preemptively apologizing." ~ James Lindsay

"They’re super double extra committed to not causing offense.

I’mma just put that list of evidence-based topics beside that claim again for Repressive Tolerance purposes." ~ James Lindsay

"This is my favorite image yet. That’s the whole comment. Except that it’s on the very next page after their cultural sensitivity declaration." ~ James Lindsay

"Definitive proof that Pearson, the world’s largest educational materials and textbook company, is in a cult and requires cult ideology and grooming in the Woke Marxist cult branded DEI. Kendi says that to be antiracist you need to be anti-capitalist. Will Pearson embrace that?" ~ James Lindsay

"A significant amount of material follows for demanding compliance with this cult ideology, which is cartel behavior, not business.

PS: The answer to the question in the previous slide is “stakeholder capitalism,” a new form of capitalism that’s cartel fasciocommunism." ~ James Lindsay

"Ok groomer" ~ James Lindsay

"Everyone at Pearson and who sources materials for the textbook distributor will have to attend a lot of mandatory policy training to make sure they’re fully on board with the new cult politics and policies and rules and goals, comrades." ~ James Lindsay

"Pearson, the largest educational materials company in the world, explains its absolute commitment to turning “learners” (students) into Social Justice activists. It’s very explicit. It cannot be missed, and they’re so proud of it that they bolded key action words." ~ James Lindsay

"And they’re on board with the whole evil agenda. This is pretty unbelievable. Net carbon zero, inclusion, equity, sustainability, DEI, environmental footprint. The whole hog." ~ James Lindsay

"Another winning image. On the page after sustainability goals. Old people being very natural and normal. LOL." ~ James Lindsay

"Here’s the “content house.” It has to be seen to be believed, but overall is the Pearson vision for DEI and sustainability in everything." ~ James Lindsay

"In case you had any remaining doubts, check out the list of challenges they offer: underrepresentation, exaggerated negative associations, limited positive associations, missing stories, and (straight from Critical Theory), the “problem” frame." ~ James Lindsay

"The rest of the document (linked near the top of the thread) is a glossary that just drives the nail in deeper. Pearson is completely captured by Woke Marxism, and so solving the education problem created by Woke Marxism in this country requires solutions for ed materials too." ~ James Lindsay

"Fwiw, edTPA is relatively new for Pearson as a Teaching Licensure requirement. It’s a sure bet it’ll be used to ideologically filter teaching candidates. They also control who makes it through teacher ed programs and put out this DEI statement in January."