Unpresident Joe Biden's Education Plan

Biden’s cabinet picks are like a who’s-who of corruption so it’s no surprise that his pick to lead the Department of Indoctrination has a history of brainwashing children. Betsy Devos was also corrupt so don’t expect anything to change for the better with the indoctrination system. It’s not a system that’s built for children to thrive, it’s built for adults to control and profit off children in the most mind numbing way.

Biden’s pick for Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona is an example of an educator who focuses more on skin color and ethnicity than education or equality.

Biden reaffirms his dedication to free community college because they are left-wing indoctrination centers


Mandatory Chinese Coronavirus Vaccines to return to school, but schoolchildren will still be forced to wear a mask since the vaccine doesn’t protect you from not having to wear one:

Biden is pushing for schools to reopen which means school shootings will resume. Biden introduced “Gun Free Zones” with the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990 and ever since schools shootings have increased dramatically as many say he is to blame for school shootings.

Biden is well known for grooming children so it will be unfortunate to witness how he uses his position as President to take advantage of and exploit young children, both psychically and mentally through his policies that are intended to brainwash and propagandize.