Secretary of Education Betsy Devos is a Corrupt Billionaire

Betsy’s father in-law founded Amway, the multi-level marketing company, which is one of the oldest MLM companies still in business. Her husband Dick Devos is the CEO of Amway. Betsy’s brother Erik Prince is the founder of Blackwater USA, an American private military company that works with the CIA.

This is a prime example of an oligarchy
Betsy is a billionaire in a position of power with many conflicts of interests, do you really think she cares about your education? Betsy is in cahoots with private interests to privatize education. The problem with her working in this position of power to privatize education is that private schools are all about money and her family has major investments in private education companies so it’s obvious she has a vested interest in privatizing education. Do you really think she’s working in people’s best interest for only $1 salary?

She claimed she would only take $1 salary as Secretary of Education
"When asked about her financial conflict of interests in educational for-profit companies, DeVos told the Senate that she is “committed to ensuring that she has no conflicts” and would only take a salary of $1 to “be official.”

“In particular, it is worth mentioning that when DeVos was chosen to become the U.S. Secretary of Education, she and her husband sold off dozens of holdings to prevent legal complications, which should provide interested individuals with some idea of just how widely their wealth has been spread.”

“The DeVos family is heavily invested in the student loan industry and this is just flat-out corruption.”

Betsy’s family has donated $200 Million to Republican politicians. Is this how you buy a seat at the table in Washington?

As Secretary of Education, Betsy has a reputation of destroying public education in favor of private schools.“DeVos is viewed by many as the most dangerous and destructive education secretary since the post was created in 1979.” It sure doesn’t seem like she has made any accomplishments to improve public education.

The strategy here is quite profound since one of Trump’s campaign promises was to eliminate the Department of Education so this seems to be how they are doing it.