What’s normal today that would have been considered taboo in the past? Schools are ground zero for the society that we see today and for the normalization of self-destruction that is rampant throughout society.

1) Indoctrination
Believe it or not, there was a point in history when people actually went to school to learn stuff. These days, people go to school to get a participation trophy aka diploma or degree that acknowledges their obedience so they can participate in the rat race.

2) Vaccines
Back in the 80’s, children only had around 7 vaccines and this number increased dramatically over the years and nowadays children are forced to take around 80+ vaccines by the time they are 5 and most parents don’t care to question or wonder about the ingredients of the vaccines or the side effects. The vaccine nazis will shame and crucify you if you don’t sacrifice yourself to be a Big Pharma guinea pig.
Autism is affecting more children than ever before, it used to be unheard of, but nowadays its everywhere. Most people are too dumbed down to realize that Vaccine companies don’t have any liability for maiming or killing you or your family members thanks to President Ronald Reagan who enacted the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 law in cahoots with Big Pharma. Taxpayers have paid billions of dollars in vaccine courts for deaths & injuries from vaccines. Imagine owning a company that causes massive injuries and deaths and not having any liability whatsoever and then brainwashing people to think you have their best interest at heart and unvaccinated anti-vaxxers are tin foil conspiracy theorists

3) Oversexualization
The exploitative sexualization of children is pervasive throughout our society. Teaching is literally the most popular job for pedophiles because they are grooming children which is why Jeffrey Epstein was a math teacher without a degree. Whether it’s teaching young children & college freshmen about OnlyFans or the tons of cases of pedophilia in the schools. Tom Macdonald raps about this in his new song “Snowflakes” @ the 1:25 minute mark. The media plays a major part in sexualizing children, especially Disney. Just over a decade ago, you actually had to get to know a person and develop a relationship with them before sleeping with them, but today all you have to do is swipe right like ordering from a menu at a fast food joint. I guess you could say technology has really broken the ice.

4) Socialization
Socialization today is forced and controlled to the point it’s not even about being social or learning social skills. You don’t learn how to be sociable by being told to sit down and shut up for most the day in a class far disconnected from the real world where everyone is basically the same age. It’s social conditioning.

5) Fear
Schools manufacture a fear based society so people spend their whole lives living in fear.

6) Student Debt
Young people used to only go to college and get student loans if they could reasonably afford them and it was for a financially lucrative career opportunity where they could actually pay off their student debt in a short period of time. These days, it seems like most everyone goes to college just to in-debt themselves with a ball and chain for life with no light at the end of the tunnel. So many college “educated” grads are working dead end jobs just to survive and young would-be entrepreneurs are saddled with debt that they can’t even think about starting a business because they are stuck in the grind as Domain King said in the 19th & 20th tweet here We live in a society of Debt Slaves.

7) School Shootings
President Biden introduced “Gun Free Zones” with the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990 and ever since schools shootings have increased dramatically. School shootings are so wide spread and normalized today that an entire industry was created to protect children from school shooters selling Bulletproof Backpacks. Many schools are even banning backpacks, especially the last week of school when school shootings are common.

8) Discrimination
Discrimination is rampant and normalized as schools and the media brainwash the masses to divide and conquer them with politicians stirring up race wars, schools pushing Critical Race Theory and rewriting history to fit their narrative with the 1619 Project. It seems our society has seen a backwards progression when it comes to discrimination. The government has a monopoly on forced child labor in the indoctrination factories known as schools, yet they outlaw children working to earn money so they can learn how to be independent and manage their finances.

“I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. [“I have a dream” speech]

9) Overtechnicalization
Children are practically born with cell phones today. A large number of children have better relationships with Siri & Alexa than their friends or even their family. Children today are growing up in an age of Artificial Intelligence and we are facing a technological crisis where technology is overtaking our natural way of life with transhumanism so we are completely disconnected from our own natural frequencies and ungrounded from nature. We used to actually communicate with each other in-person, but nowadays it seems most interactions happen digitally with cell phones & social media.

10) Artificial Reality
Most of us live in an artificial reality surrounded by superficial people