We need help building Unvaccinated.com into a job board community.

While society is more divided than ever, the Powers That Shouldn’t Be know exactly how to Divide & Conquer which is why our society will be divided even further, vaccinated people & unvaccinated people.

Imagine how ironic it is for the very people that have been calling everyone Nazi’s are now demanding your papers (vaccine passports). Oh, the irony!

Why have all the vaccinated people turned into snake oil salesmen for Big Pharma? Mass Psychosis!

Russian Roulette: Pfizer has a long history of corruption dating back to the Nazi’s. Moderna has NO history and neither of them have any liability. Oh, and I can’t make a vaccine post without mentioning Bill Gates because he is behind both companies. Did you know they are calling the CONVID Vaccine “The Software of Life” because it transforms your DNA and genetically modifies your body like Monsanto genetically modifies our food. It’s impossible to detox the CONVID Vaccine.

Click this post, scroll to the bottom for Bill Gates Ted Talk where he openly discusses population control and culling the population with vaccines…

Now they are force vaccinating children and using schools as mass vaccination sites which will sterilize your children…