The Truth About Vaccines

All vaccines destroy your natural immunity! California among other states literally force kids that go to school to get all kinds of vaccines completely disregarding their informed consent. There are NO safe vaccines! The vaccine companies are not even responsible for the BILLIONS of dollars in damages and lost lives they have caused, you know who always foots the bill, taxpayers, because decades ago the vaccine makers lobbied congress that they are not responsible for any damages their products cause. There is so much evidence now that links vaccines to causing autism which is what happened to our neighbors son and so now she is a whistleblower. If vaccines were really good for people, they wouldn’t force them on kids. Why is it that schools force vaccinate kids to keep them from getting rare diseases, especially when the risks of vaccines far outweighs any perceived benefits because in most cases they don’t work at all and many times cause the very disease they were supposed to prevent. Ironically, you don’t see schools pushing organic fruits and vegetables which have long been proven to strengthen and build your immune system to help prevent disease. Vaccines are loaded with aluminum and mercury to dumb people down. Check out this article, Don’t Let Schools Propagandize Your Kids.

ALL vaccines are poison. ALL vaccines contain deadly toxins. ALL vaccines cause various degrees of brain and nervous system damage. ALL vaccines are capable of killing you. All vaccines have side effects including death. A vaccine is a deadly bioweapon. Thus vaccination is an assault with a deadly weapon and a crime against humanity. Defend yourself! ALL vaccines, including Merck’s “vitamin k” phytonadione surreptitiously injected into newborns are TOXIC FILTH with NO beneficial ingredients WHATSOEVER! The USA has the highest infant mortality and autism rates in the world, BY DESIGN!

The Hippocratic Oath “First Do No Harm” went out the window decades ago. Protecting the Individual is no longer the priority…protecting “the program” and themselves is of utmost importance now. When doctors inject toxic vaccines into kids causing them to die, no one takes responsibility for your child’s death so it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS A PARENT TO CARE FOR YOUR CHILDS HEALTH BECAUSE IF YOU LEAVE YOUR FAMILIES HEALTH IN THE HANDS OF A DOCTORS & BIG PHARMA, YOU ARE ALMOST GUARANTEED TO GET SOME TYPE OF DIS-EASE! DOCTORS, POLITICIANS, AND BIG PHARMA EXECS DON’T GO TO JAIL FOR KILLING OR INJURING YOUR KIDS WHEREAS If you commit crimes such as running a red light and killing someone or murdering someone, you go to prison, but if you’re a doctor and you do it, you get a raise and a bonus. There are lots of stories about this on the net and Big Pharma offers some of the top money making jobs in the world. VACCINES ARE ALL ABOUT MONEY! REMEMBER, DOCTORS & BIG PHARMA ARE IN THE SICKNESS BUSINESS, THEY DON’T GET WEALTHY WHEN YOU’RE HEALTHY. THEY ARE LITERALLY TRAINED TO USE THEIR AUTHORITY TO PREY ON YOU. THOSE WHO VACCINATE KIDS ARE LIKE WOLVES EATING BUNNIES WITH THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BEING THAT HUMANS DRESS UP LIKE SHEEP (WHITECOATS) TO COMMIT THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

The Flu shot causes more deaths than any other vaccine!

According to Retractable.com, it is estimated that over 320,000 needlestick injuries occur every year in the U.S.* OUCH! getting jabbed by a needle is bad enough, but getting physically injured is just terrible.

The Vaccine industry is #4 on our Top 10 Industries Preying on Children post and since vaccines contain aborted baby parts, they go hand and hand with the Abortion industry which is #10:

"In 1986 the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was established by Congress because the drug manufacturers threatened to stop manufacturing vaccines if they were not granted legal immunity from damages due to vaccines. It was no longer profitable for them to continue manufacturing vaccines in a free market, because of the large amount of lawsuits for injuries and deaths due to vaccines. So instead of requiring the drug companies to produce safer vaccines, Congress granted them total immunity from civil litigation due to injuries or deaths resulting from vaccines."


"How can you sell the drug, if first you do not sell the disease?!" ~ SVP, Pfizer Drug Company, 2008

“Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

"The most basic of all human rights is the ability to have control over your own body and be able to exercise informed consent when making medical decisions that can harm you or your child." ~ Rob Schneider

"The rise of mandatory and forced vaccination legislation should send a chill up every single American spine. That government can force you to accept any kind of medicine and inject you against your will is totalitarianism at its worst! This egregious form of state power is metastasizing." ~ Dr. Ron Paul

"The most widespread and lethal diseases in the last 200 years were reduced due to cleaner drinking water, improved sanitation, nutrition, less overcrowded areas, and better living conditions. Vaccines were introduced at the point where every single disease was already declining. To give vaccines credit for global reductions in disease is like giving a band-aid credit for healing a wound that was already closing." ~ Dr. Dave Mihalovic


"I encourage you to take the time to watch this life-changing film…" ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

"This is arguably the most powerful film ever created that tells the truth about vaccines, medications and GMOs." ~ Mike Adams, Natural News



Here is a video that discusses how vaccinated children are spreading & shedding diseases through Disease Shedding which is caused by vaccines from the organization, Educate4theInjured:

How Vaccines Can Damage Your Brain:

THE POISONED NEEDLE: Suppressed Facts About Vaccination explains the complete FRAUD of vaccination and how clean water / proper sanitation / nutritious food eliminated disease and vaccines FALSELY took the credit:


Intoxication & Indoctrination

Bill Gates literally has a Ted Talk talking about population control and his depopulation agenda. It’s no surprise that he owns major stock holdings in several vaccine companies. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has murdered millions with vaccines containing live diseases, generically modified viruses and diseases: