Is a Mass Psychosis the Greatest Threat to Humanity?

Most American children are completely detached from reality as they spend most of their days stuck in classrooms setting up the perfect synergy for mass psychosis, especially since schools are prisons and the only thing these children are learning these days is how to live the rest of their lives in fear…

“It becomes clear how a mass psychosis can occur, a population first needs to be induced into a state of intense fear or anxiety by threats, real, imagined, or fabricated.”

“If a society is composed of self reliant, resilient and inwardly strong individuals, a positive reaction can take place, but if it is composed of weak, insecure, and helpless individuals, a decent into the delusions of a mass psychosis becomes a real possibility.”

"Compulsory school environment induces learned helplessness, anxiety, depression. It also inhibits creativity and it inhibits empathy."

Powerful comments on this video:

“Inside four walls my friend, they took away you’re freedom; But they’ll never take your mind.” ~ Nevermore

“Anxiety Is The Dizziness Of Freedom.” ~ Soren Kierkegaard
Can you explain the meaning?
see humans love to have a certain comfort zone which gives them a sense of certainty and the illusion of control and structure in their life. As the goal of the ego is to survive, most people do all they can to stay in their comfort zones all their lives. Thing is, there’s something beyond the ego and the will to survive. As the ego thrive on fear to survive, what transcends the ego thrives on love. This thing which transcends the ego, I would call it the soul or what Jung referred as the “psyche”. Now you will be quick to understand that the soul as it thrives on love, is actually a threat for the survival of the ego in every way shape or form. Change and liberty is the enemy of the ego. Love creates change and brings liberty to the human mind. So any human which is bound by its ego will break down whenever he is truly free, as being free makes him realize the illusory nature of his comfort zone that he created for himself. Any human who loses its illusory sense of control over his life is bound to be the victim of a terrible anxiety. Now you see this worldwide at a small scale for a lot of individuals. Anxiety can only occur in the human mind. People are anxious about the idea of losing control over their life and spend their lifetime trying to control their life and being anxious about what could go wrong. So when you suddenly become free you become possessed by a terrible feeling of anxiety. The metaphor with dizziness is that it hits you just like dizziness. See freedom as you getting off the ground and flying. The ego will do everything it can to remain in control, and thus, incredible fear will strike you in the form of dizziness. In this context, when you fly mentally(become free) your ego loses its sense of control and strikes you with terrible anxiety. All anxiety comes from the feeling of uncertainty in ones future. So the ego basically fears freedom and wants to remain in control, freedom which is the worst enemy of control. Ego = Devil soul = god. But people find an infinite amount of excuses for how they are good and not actually devilish. Don’t fall for it

"Most of us, however, are not careful when it comes to the ideas that occupy our minds as we passively accept whatever ideas form the zeitgeist of our time. Most of us, in other words, are controlled by the ideas of other people and we give little thought as to whether such ideas are right or wrong, beneficial or harmful and the psychologist Silvano Arieti warns:
"If he controls your ideas, he will soon control your actions, because every action is preceded by an idea." ~ Silvano Arieti