Why Some People Who Say They Love Us Are Trying to Hurt Us

"We’ve seen the evidence that shows how harmful control is to children and their development. That evidence resides not only in research, but also in our own experiences as children and adults." ~ Teresa Graham Brett

"A Lot of Parents Will Do Anything for Their Kids Except Let Them Be Themselves." ~ Banksy

“Part of why it is so hard to understand ourselves is that people are constantly doing things to us that defy the common-sense of view of how human beings might plausibly behave around people they claim to care about. We expect that those who might carry the title of mum or dad or husband or wife would, unless they had very clear reasons to do otherwise, show us kindness. And yet the brutal reality (which we must take on board for our own sanity) is that humans are frequently beset by feelings that are so intolerable and difficult, they develop urges to pass them on to others in a version of emotional pass the parcel…”