Leaving An Obsolete System Behind

"Where a person can position themselves is to be “in the world” that is emerging yet not “of the world” that is on the way out."

"We are here now to build a new model whilst existing within the current one that is fast becoming obsolete. The power that the obsolete system, and its rulers, have over us depends upon our state of being (level of frequency) – that is, others can only ‘lord it’ over us if we are existing energetically (aka, vibrating) at their level."

"Imagine there are two boats upon the water, an old sinking one and a new one."
"Place yourselves on the new one and know that you are there already, even though it looks empty and without a full crew. For if you believe yourself to be remaining on the old, sinking boat you will spend too much of your energies worrying about how it is sinking and running around, desperately seeking for some unknown solutions."

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