The Truth About Socialization

Are your kids being socialized? The socialization schools offer is actually Social Engineering which is why the truth may surprise you! The truth is that kids that are unschooled are FAR BETTER socialized than SCHOOLED kids mostly because they are interacting with people of all ages, young and old in the real world. Kids in school only socialize with kids their own age which does not prepare them for the real world.

“Forced association is not socialization.” ~ Adele Carroll

"A friend to all is a friend to none." ~ Aristotle

"Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future." ~ Craig Groeschel

"Loneliness is not cured by human company. Loneliness is cured by contact with reality." ~ Anthony de Mello (Priest, spirituality author, and speaker)

“We socialize. It’s fun. Socialization, on the other hand, that’s where someone trains you how to behave in an institutional setting. Not fun.” ~ Sara McGrath

"If there were no other reason to homeschool your kids, the socialization they get in school would be reason enough." ~ John Holt

“No one has to do anything in order to ‘socialize’ the children, or make them take part in the life of the group. They are born social; it is their nature.” ~ John Holt

“Don’t worry about socialization. Wherever people congregate, there is going to be interaction and socialization. Where is it written that it needs to be in schools?” ~ Mary Kay Clark

"‘Socialize’ means we turn more of our personal powers over to Big Brother, not free enterprise." ~ Robert Kiyosaki

"The idea that children need to be around many other youngsters in order to be ‘socialized’ is perhaps the most dangerous and extravagant myth in education and child rearing today." ~ Dr. Raymond Moore

“If you surround yourself with clowns, don’t be surprised if your life becomes a circus.” ~ Unknown

"You can define a free person precisely as someone whose fate is not centrally or directly dependent on peer assessment." ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb

“Nothing enrages me more than when people criticize my criticism of school by telling me that schools are not just places to learn maths and spelling, they are places where children learn a vaguely defined thing called socialization… I think schools generally do an effective and terribly damaging job of teaching children to be infantile, dependent, intellectually dishonest, passive and disrespectful to their own developmental capacities.” ~ Seymour Papert



The following are a few of the points covered in the highly recommended article above.

“Socialization”: Do our kids need artificial environments of social interaction or can they manage on their own?

"Why is it that we have completely lost faith in our children’s social intelligence? Why have we convinced ourselves that we have to force artificial social scenarios (such as daycare institutions and schools) upon our children, in order for them to develop socially?"

"What is the point of this forced “socialization?”

"Do you think children need to be “socialized”? If so, do you think they need to be so in institutions, away from their parents?"