The Shocking Truth About Disney

Disney, The Wokest Place on Earth, Pushes Critical Race Theory on Its Employees





how much do you really know about Walt Disney?

“If the world only had the eyes to see the fibers which lay under the surface of Walt Disney’s image, they’d tar and feather him, and drag him through the streets. If only they knew Disney’s primary goals."

  1. while widely researched, Walts birth (12/05/01) is still shrouded in secrecy due to the lack of a birth certificate or DNA testing. it’s almost certain that he (and brother Roy) was a bastard child. one of his many dark secrets used to blackmail him throughout his career
  1. growing up in an abusive home environment, he fell in love with animation, nature and children. he seemed to have an intuitive ability to bring his dark experiences to light in cartoons that appealed to children. just check out some of the earliest Disney comic strips. normal?
  1. or perhaps there was an agenda at play? before Disney comic strips were featured regularly in the US, he “broke out,” after releasing “Steamboat Willie” a few years prior in 1928. it became an instant hit despite Walt being unknown and debuting in a small, independent theater.
  1. maybe Walt finally had the right “connections,” or maybe was just incredibly lucky, because the NY Times, Variety, Exhibitors Herald + more raved about it to the masses the very next day. was it by chance these prestigious outlets just happened to be in attendance?
  1. Walt became the facelift H’wood needed after the Depression caused Americans to re-evaluate America’s morals. of course, it was just a playful front for public acceptance of violent depictions, sadistic acts, and subtle indoctrination.
  1. quick tangent. in the early-mid 1900’s this would never have been able to be depicted for it not being animation. by now, it is so normalized that it is depicted with humans regularly on national tv and in movies. btw Dexter was a protagonist. hmm… how did we get here?
  1. ok back to Walt. it’s widely rumored he was sadistic himself and enjoyed snuff porn films. his obsession with children was questionable at best. who has heard of child star Bobby Driscoll? he signed up with Disney in 1946 and acted/sang in multiple releases including peter pan
  1. that all sounds great, except by age 17, a young man who had everything going for him, Bobby became a meth addict with a series of troubling behaviors, leading up to his death at age 31. sound familiar? the list is too long…
  1. but here are a few more. so is Disney helping or abusing? maybe Disney (+ many more) is meant to indoctrinate while they entertain. wholesome, genuine, morally appropriate child stars for the youth to admire and worship. until worshipping them leads you down this path too
  1. so a thing about Disney World. no outside police force technically has jurisdiction within the park. Disney is able to (likely by quid pro quo) enforce their own laws, police force, hospitals, tax rates, etc… even finances are out of sight to the state of FL. so much power
  1. i wonder what you could get away with in this type of scenario, which surely has been duplicated many times over. let’s move on to the “Mickey Mouse Club” which, miraculously, pumps out A list celebrities at an alarming rate. it aired 5 days a week right after school til '96
  1. today, Disney maintains a pristine, family friendly image as they continue to influence and mold the minds of children. believe what you will, but they sure seem to be normalizing (and have!) violence, sexual promiscuity, drug/alcohol abuse, etc… agenda at play? wdy think?
  1. i am just barely scratching the surface here. but is it too much of a stretch to think something more sinister is Disney’s main purpose? is it possible child actors are forced/traumatized and/or born into this lifestyle to influence us? and how many “Disney’s” are there?
  1. END. i will leave you with this video and hope that you consider looking into whats really going on, not only at Disney, but all throughout H’wood, music, fashion, art and beyond. reality may not be what it seems. theres no harm in questioning that.


Do you ever wonder what happened to Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears?

Here is the full clip of former Disney star Bella Thorne discussing many dark things, among them being molested as a child from 6-14, at the same time she was a huge Disney star, and how everyone around her knew and did nothing to stop it.

This is barely scratching the surface of Disney.

Child sex abuse
Child sex trafficking
Epstein Island
Disney Cruise Lines…

“I did security for Disney. There are so many incidents that took place that never made the news. I had to sign docs that said I could never repeat what took place on Disney property. I had “Keys to The Kingdom” but even I couldn’t get into Disney’s Club 33.” #Pedos

The Disney Bloodline by Fritz Springmeier



13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati

The following compilation of tweets from Isabella, Twitter username @starryneutrons who’s twitter account has been suspended.

This will be my thread exposing Disney connections to the Deep State and Jeffrey Epstein.

  1. First let’s start with Maximus.

  2. When you’re walking from the Haunted Mansion into Fantasyland, there are horseshoes with the word Maximus on it. Disney wants us to believe it is named after a horse.

  3. Maximus was originally conceived as a very serious horse based on actor Tommy Lee Jones. (I don’t have evidence Tommy Lee Jones is a pedo, however there are plenty of internet rumors - feel free to dig).

  4. Fact: Tommy Lee Jones was Al Gore’s roommate at Harvard.

Fact: Al Gore was vice president when Bill Clinton was president.

Fact: Bill Clinton flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express multiple times.

  1. The idea to make Maximus mute was based on Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin was sexually attracted to kids.

  2. Charlie Chaplin’s biography outs him as a ‘Prolific’ Child Rapist

In a book written about him, it is said he preferred very very young girls, some as young as ten.

Disney’s Tangled starred a horse named Maximus inspired by Chaplin.

  1. Disney Cruise line offered snorkeling expeditions at Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island (Little St. James).


  1. Harry Monroe stands accused of molesting 13 boys. His last known job was Maximus, Inc. which is described on its website as being “dedicated to the health and well-being of individuals, children and families.”


  1. Maximus, Inc. = Maximus Foundation. John Boyer is Chairman.

Fact: John Boyer received the same award Bill Clinton AND Al Gore received.

The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights Ripple of Hope Award.

(Removed from site, but I was able to find it in the Internet Archive:

  1. Maximus donated more money to Hillary Clinton than any other candidate.


  1. Chris Frazier is presently the Manager of Marketing at MAXIMUS.

Previously he was Senior Brand Manager at Disney on Ice.

This is his Linked In page:

  1. MAXIMUS is the largest provider of administrative services for Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in the United States, serving more than 50% of the market.

Maximus Inc. - Wikipedia.

  1. Dec 1998 The Sarasota Herald Tribune reported that the State of FL paid Maximus $4.5 Million for a Child Support Recovery contract. Maximus was only able to collect $162,000. "On average taxpayers paid Maximus $25 for every 3 cents collected.


  1. Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend, is seen here on “Happy Family Disney Day” in 1985.

  2. Maximus donated up to $9,999 to Growing Home, Inc. in 2017.

Growing Home was founded by Les Brown, who was a Black Lives Matter activist before BLM was coined (since the 80s). Growing Home, Inc. - The Chicago Community Trust

  1. Les Brown said in this podcast interview that he was so despised by police that his picture was hung up at a gun range. He wrote editorials that were anti-police in the 80s & was fired. Was also a Democrat Congressman ('76-81).
  1. Disney pursued Les Brown as a host around 1993.
  1. Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein used his ties to billionaire Leslie Wexner (Victoria’s Secret founder) to get access to women.
  1. Victoria’s Secret shares a shopping center with Disney beside Universal Studios. Universal Studios was a former early distributor of Walt Disney cartoons. A Universal/Disney ticket gives access to both.

  2. How many of these are Disney movies?

I’ll wait.

(This post was removed so I was able to find it on the Internet Archive)

10 Fairytales Much Too Disturbing For Kids
Little Red Riding Hood
Sleeping Beauty
Beauty and the Beast
Hansel and Gretel
The Little Mermaid
Snow White
The Frog Prince
The Pied Piper

  1. Maximus was a horse in Disney’s movie Tangled. Tangled was based on a story about Rapunzel.

It’s not a fairytale. It’s a horror story. Read this:

  1. Disney’s inspiration:
    Rapunzel was originally a 7 YEAR OLD GIRL imprisoned in a tower.


Originally written by Giambattista Basile - Petrosinella in 1634.

  1. Rapunzel is a 7 year old girl named Parsley!



  1. There were ACTUAL human skeletons at Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride. While most have been removed, the skull and bones on headboard are still human.

Reminder that the Skull and Bones is a secret society.

  1. Then there’s the Disney illuminati symbology AND sexual subliminal messages.
  1. Hidden symbolism in Disney…

  2. Here is Ghislaine Maxwell in 1985 at an organized Disney event for kids. She presented a check for the “Save the Children’s Fund” at Longleat House.

In 2011 Disney named a cub Simba at Longleat Safari Park for Lion King promo.

26 year Longleat/Disney/Epstein connection:

  1. Epstein visited the Clinton White House on multiple occasions in the '90s, attended a reception hosted by Clinton and first lady Hillary, & met with presidential aide Mark Middleton, a special assistant to Clinton’s Chief of Staff Mack McClarty, 3+ times at the White House.

  2. Ghislaine Maxwell at House of Longleat, home of the longest hedge maze (labyrinth) in the world with 1.69 miles of pathway.

The movie The Labyrinth involves a kidnapped baby.

It was produced by Jim Henson Co., which sold The Muppets to Disney.

  1. The ceiling at the House of Longleat has many inverted pentacles. A pentacle with a single downwards pointing spoke is associated with the Church of Satan.

Ghislaine Maxwell/Epstein/Disney Satanic connection:

  1. Queen Elizabeth I hosted a visit of the Longleat House in 1574.

Recall the long list of pedophiles associated with the Royal Family. I covered it here:

  1. Now that we’ve established the connection between Disney/Epstein/Royal Family…

Read these two threads and see how they relate to why the Democrats keep trying to frame the president for obstruction.


  1. Maximus is also connected to Elijah Cummings (Baltimore) and Hussein!!!

Maximus hosted a conference featuring the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

  1. That foundation paid Elijah’s wife, Maya at GPS, over $5 million dollars!
  1. President Hussein Obama gave Baltimore $1.8 billion. $1.45 billion went to prevent Medicaid cuts. $1.38+ billion was spent.

Who corners over 50% of the Medicaid market? MAXIMUS

Who represents Baltimore? Elijah Cummings

  1. Maximus, Inc. has a LONG, LONG history of defrauding America of millions. Even the U.S. sued Maximus for helping the D.C.'s Child and Family Services Agency submit false claims to the Medicaid program.

Source 1

Source 2

  1. What do Maximus Inc., Alto Medical, Booz Allen Hamilton, the Unibet Group, and PAI Partners SAS all have in common?

Ragnar Hellenius & Professor Michael O’Donnell


  1. Maximus, Inc. gives Robert Wood Johnson Foundation the speaking/marketing platform. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation pays Global Policy Solutions MILLIONS. Rep. Elijah Cummings’ wife, Maya Rockeymoore is the CEO & President.

Still think Maximus is just a Disney palace horse?

  1. There’s more. The state Rep. Elijah Cummings represents (Maryland) is the #2 state with the most criminals charged for sex trafficking and laboring trafficking in 2018.
  1. Maximus is also involved in “child welfare” and foster care “assistance.”
  1. The State Dept. acknowledges that criminals prey on children in foster care.
  1. We’ve known for years:
  1. Remember when Rep. Elijah Cummings was a deadbeat dad and didn’t pay child support to three women who bore his children?

That was before his wife’s company received alleged “illegal private benefits” worth millions.

  1. Here’s a thick connection linking the Walt Disney Company directly to Maya Rockeymoore Cummings. They sponsored the event she chaired.

Disney engraved Maximus on horseshoes.

Disney > Maximus > Robert Wood Johnson Foundation > Maya.

  1. Dozens of Disney & Universal employees were arrested for sex crimes, possessing child pornography, or trying to meet minors for sex.

Why would Disney sponsor Elijah Cummings’ wife, Maya Rockeymoore in the #2 Sex Trafficking State of Maryland?

  1. Maximus acquired Acentia (a portfolio company of the Snow Phipps Group, LLC) for $300 million.

  2. Snow Phipps acquired DecoPac., a company that bakes Disney licensed cakes. They even make a Tangled cake (the horse Maximus starred in it).

  1. Why would government contract company Maximus, who administers our Medicaid, Medicare, and “child welfare” also be profiting off selling DecoPac’s Disney Pirates of the Caribbean cakes, knowing Disney used real human skeletons on the Pirates ride?
  1. Why are we giving government contracts to a company who compensates their CEO this much money?

In 2014, under Obama, Richard Montoni received $6,163,153 in compensation.

Was Richard covering Maximus’ human trafficking involvement for millions?

MAXIMUS, Inc. - SourceWatch.

  1. While people waited to arrive at Epstein’s pedo island, they were entertained by a dude crawling on his knees wearing Maximus’ body. Very MerryTime 7-night Eastern Caribbean cruises to Little St. James.

Still think #Maximus is a cute Disney horse?



Subliminal messaging…