The Shocking Truth About Google

Most people don’t realize the depth of control Google has over peoples lives. Google is blatantly suppressing and censoring natural health content. So many leaders in the natural health community have been completely censored or suppressed from Google for years. Dr. Mercola discusses in the video below how Google is a drug company. Google is in bed with Big Pharma! KKR is an extremely corrupt company that owns properties, such as WebMD, that dominate Google search results.

Who would have thought that the worlds most powerful company just so happens to be the worlds greatest drug dealer? The more things change, the more they stay the same!

What Google is doing here is deep indoctrination because of the trust our society places on a company that just surpassed Amazon in Market Cap and has the slogan “Do No Evil”, but yet just may be one of the most evil companies on the planet. Most people don’t think twice about the results they see on Google, they likely just take it as truth.

Here are just a couple of the most prominent voices in the natural health community that are being suppressed and censored:

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

This indoctrination has a lot to do with why kids are failing especially the complete censorship of the massive damages vaccines are causing: