The Truth About Drugs

Over 8 Million (11%) of the 74 million kids in the USA are taking psychiatric drugs alone. Many other kids abuse alcohol, marijuana and other mind altering illicit drugs. Psychiatry is a scam, it’s all about money at the expense of children. The side effects alone are horrendous, what sane parent gives their kids meds that cause suicide? Highly recommend the first documentary below, Psychiatry An Industry Of Death. THIS IS A NATIONAL CRISIS! And the lucky kids who aren’t being drugged are socializing with the drugged kids and being influenced by them at school. Schools manufacture a culture of addiction, providing a temporary escape from the realities of schooling which is why so much of our culture is shaped and influenced by our addictions.

"How can you sell the drug, if first you do not sell the disease?!" ~ SVP, Pfizer Drug Company, 2008

"Just like animals in a zoo, over 8 million children in public schools are given prescription drugs to help them cope with the environment or to help teachers cope with them." ~ Cevin Soling

Drug overdoses are skyrocketing!

"The fact that millions of schoolchildren require medication on a daily basis so they can more easily assimilate into the culture of public schooling does not mean these children are damaged. It means something is very wrong with the whole idea of schooling."

"The average high school kid today has the same level of anxiety as the average psychiatric patient in the early 1950’s."