We live in a society where everything is mass produced and our government implements rules to control the food supply through the corrupt FDA. Most all the processed food you buy at a store is completely devoid of all nutrients, especially the foods that are pasteurized. This is done purposely to weaken your immune system and make you sick so you become a lifetime customer of Big Pharma who literally runs the FDA. There is a major conflict of interest in having the Food & Drug Administration as a single organization. If you can destroy the nutrients in food that people need to stay healthy, then you can create a sick society. The government forces companies to pasteurize their products because the government cares so much about our health and well being. The following products are always pasteurized: Orange Juice, Dairy products such as Milk, Cheese, and Yogurt, Almonds, Pickles, as well as many other products.

The best thing you can do is get back to our ancestral way of doing things by making your own orange juice by supporting orange farmers directly, buying a case, and juicing oranges. And make your own lemonade by juicing lemons. Buy unpasteurized almonds direct from California farmers that sell them direct to consumer or get organic almonds from Europe which are not force pasteurized. Almond farmers are legally allowed to sell unpasteurized almonds direct to consumer such as online or at your local farmers market.



And Unpasteurized…