What Is Called ‘Science’ Today Is Nothing More Than Political Ideology Masquerading as Science

"In the United States, we live in a what can be referred to as a cultist society. It can be best described as a cult of total ignorance" ~ Gary D. Barnett

"This has been accomplished due to a mass dumbing down of most all in this country, and this indoctrination has now occurred for several generations; bringing about a society steeped in ignorance to such a degree as to have forgotten the idea of questioning false doctrine in order to ascertain truth. There are many reasons for this takeover of the minds of the citizenry, beginning and ending with the horrendous public school system set up primarily to flood young minds with propaganda, while stifling all independent and individual thought, and therefore all growth." ~ Gary D. Barnett

"The ‘education’ system used by most in this country, instructs at the lowest level possible; this by teaching down to the basest standard necessary in order to pass and advance all regardless of intellect or lack thereof." ~ Gary D. Barnett

"Science is no longer science. It is whatever the state decides to present as science. The controllers own the public school systems, they own and control the colleges and universities" ~ Gary D. Barnett

"Critical thinking has become almost extinct in this society, and legitimate science is based on critical thinking." ~ Gary D. Barnett