Is Money More Important Than Our Kids?

Maybe parents will think twice about sending their children to Gun-Free Zones where safety is non-existent, sitting ducks, especially under the Gun-Free School Zone President.

"Why do we protect jewelry stores, banks and money trucks with weapons but not our kids at school? Is money more important than our kids? Never. There is nothing more valuable than our children." ~ John Rich

John Rich brings up a very good question! The only time there wasn’t a school shooting was when there was No school = No school shootings. With the Pandemic, many more children are taking mind altering Big Pharma drugs setting up schools to be dangerous places especially considering the fact that they are targeting children and preying on them like never before.

"Just like animals in a zoo, over 8 million children in public schools are given prescription drugs to help them cope with the environment or to help teachers cope with them." ~ Cevin Soling