Student In Custody After Fatally Shooting Classmate At South Carolina Middle School


Will this ever stop? Not until schools reverse this weakness-promoting cultural marxism. So important to keep kids far, far away from schools.

School shootings are a manufactured political crisis to instill fear and force gun control. Force a bunch of mentally ill kids that are bullied, brainwashed, ADHD drugged with Ritalin, among many other issues, into captivity and things are going to be disastrous. The mental health crisis is now far worse with COVID. Children are used as political pawns to push tyrannical agendas appealing to people’s emotions using the Hegelian Dialectic.

Ever since Biden introduced Gun Free School Zones, school shootings have dramatically increased which ironically defeats the entire narrative of gun control. Each school shooting helps further their political agenda which is stricter and stricter gun laws on law abiding citizens which does absolutely nothing to prevent criminals from committing crimes. Many school shootings such a Sandy Hook have lots of evidence that they have been false flags. School shootings have been so normalized in our society that an entire industry is built around protecting children at school with things such as Bulletproof backpacks, it’s like sending your children into a war zone and that’s just the physical reality, the psycho-warfare is catastrophic when you think about the fact that most children growing up in this system probably have very little control of their minds, let alone their bodies, they spend their whole lives programmed into this system of control.

Most teachers are women and schools these days don’t embrace masculinity, they utterly destroy it, so most male teachers are woke beta males, especially those who like to come out of the closet in front of their class or groom the class with a transition closet

It’s amazing what happened to this high school plagued by violence when the Fathers started coming to school for Dads on Duty. Children need a father figure in their lives and the breakdown of the family hasn’t helped this at all. School disrupts the healthy family bond between the Mother, Father and Child and now they want to disrupt it even more by saying the state owns your child.