The Truthiness of School

"And just like Gus, you can spend millions and millions of dollars upgrading the schools, introducing the best computer equipment, improving the physical plant. You can eliminate all testing, you can bring in all the best teachers, all the best administrators, you can introduce challenges during mealtime and none of these will impact the fact that the students are still in a state of captivity."

"Compulsory school environment induces learned helplessness, anxiety, depression. It also inhibits creativity and it inhibits empathy."

1 in 6 high school students seriously consider suicide
1 in 12 high school students makes an attempt on their life
(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance - US, 2013)

"Just like animals in a zoo, over 8 million children in public schools are given prescription drugs to help them cope with the environment or to help teachers cope with them."

"The good news is you can take your kids out of school. Schools are not constructive places for children."