The Complete Destruction of the Family

The Complete Destruction of the Family is the very purpose of compulsory schooling:

The following quotes are tweets from Stout Magnus whose account was banned on Twitter:

"PREDICTION: The next battleground of the sexual revolution will be fought between parents and their children; the wedge issue: transgenderism."

"The end-point of cultural Marxism is to build a New Man. This person must be “set free” of all previous bonds and commitments. Only then can we reach Utopia. Since women have been “set free” of men in the West (feminism), it is time to now set children “free.”"

"The care of children …is infinitely better left to the best trained practitioners of both sexes who have chosen it as a vocation…[This] would further undermine family structure while contributing to the freedom of women." – Kate Millet, Sexual Politics, 178-179

"The future planned by cultural Marxists is to replace a child’s natural affection for their parents with a new one for the State. This phenomenon—like feminism—will be sold as “advancement” and “evolution.”"

"Since sex is mutable and gender is “fluid,” all those who hold to “old ideas” will be labeled bigots. This transformation is well-underway in the West (UK and Sweden are exemplars). All that is needed in the US is a legal test case: a manufactured set of facts/relationships."

"This New Child will have transgender “rights” either legislated (like the 1964 Civil Rights Act) or judicially created (like Roe v. Wade). Already we see media, psychologists, doctors & lawyers working arm-in-arm to promote “transmania” (in Camille Paglia’s phrase)."

"Once this Pandora’s Box is opened, there’ll be no limits to the State. If it “takes a village to raise a child,” then it logically follows that only having two parents is a “flawed system.” Our children will become vanguards of the Revolution."

This is why Hillary Clinton literally wrote a children’s picture book in 2017 titled, "It Takes a Village"