THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes

"THRIVE II is a vitally important and timely documentary for it provides real solutions and knowledge that empowers us to reclaim our lives and save our future” ~ Bruce Lipton

"I have been studying the unified field and the phenomenon of accessing energy from it for more than 30 years and since 1997 I’ve collaborated with cosmologist and inventor Nassim Haramein. He’s probably more aware of the physics of how the universe works than anyone I’ve ever met even though he was not traditionally schooled. I’ve seen him ridiculed and shunned by the traditional academic world, but I’ve just never seen them prove him wrong." ~ Forest Gamble

Math, Science, Psychics, Music, everything is connected in harmony, school has disconnected our connection with everything.

Authority means the right to rule!

"The way I learned to think was with music…The core issue of our whole civilization, the core reason for non-sustainability comes from centralization. They have centralized education." ~ Heart Akerson

"I believe unraveling this belief in authority holds the most important key to our survival." ~ Forest Gamble

Reclaim our Individual Sovereignty! Voluntaryism

"The non-aggression principal should be universal…when it comes to the non-agression principal, we should apply it the most to the greatest prevalence of violence and to societies most vulnerable members which means that the non-aggression principal should apply first and foremost to the family. If children are raised peacefully, the odds of them becoming violent adults are virtually nill." ~ Stefan Molyneux

"We tell our kids don’t hit other children and don’t take their stuff. Then our governments do exactly that."

Free Energy is on our Artificial Scarcity list because it is highly suppressed.