Artificial Scarcity

Water, Oil, and Dirt are the most abundant natural resources on the planet. If there’s scarcity, it’s being manufactured. Our society is being manipulated to have a scarcity mindset rather than an abundance mindset.

1) WATER | Water is the most abundant natural resource on earth. Most of our planet is water, most of our bodies our made up of water. Water doesn’t disappear, but yet people have been brainwashed to believe it does.




2) OIL | We don’t have to import oil to make other countries rich, but it seems to be a great money laundering operation. America is rich in oil, but our puppet President Biden immediately shutdown the Keystone XL pipeline on the very FIRST DAY of his presidency.


How Big Oil Conquered the World Documentary


3) FARMLAND | America has a massive abundance of farmland to ensure no one goes hungry, but the problem is this resource is in the hands of a psychopaths who care nothing about farming, but rather controlling the food supply. Bill Gates is America’s Farmer and Largest Farmland Owner.