Property Taxes

The truth is that you don’t own your property, you are merely renting it from the government. Property taxes are extortion. The government threatens to steal your property if you don’t pay property taxes to fund public schools. Your home is literally collateral for public schools. The Right to Property or right to own property is considered to be a human right, but it is just another illusion. We should repeal property taxes that fund public schools so parents can homeschool their children without having to worry about losing their home to the corrupt government. Don’t pay your property taxes and you will quickly learn who really “owns” your home.

Throughout the Plandemic, property owners have been wondering when they are going to get a property tax refund since public schools have been closed and far too many teachers and administrators aren’t even working, many have been caught red handed going on lavish vacations with their guaranteed taxpayer funded salaries, while property owners are left struggling to make ends meet and many are facing foreclosure. A great number of teachers are happily homeschooling their own children while their students are left to fend for themselves. Entire school boards & teachers unions have been fighting tooth & nail to not return to in-person schooling just so they can continue living their extravagant lifestyles to the extreme detriment of taxpayers footing the bill. Instead of refunding property taxes, they are RAISING them all over the nation.

The Great Reset…
"You’ll Own Nothing And Be Happy About It" ~ Klaus Schwab, the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum (They say Klaus Schwab is the new Karl Marx)

“A tax-supported, compulsory educational system is the complete model of the totalitarian state.” ~ Isabel Paterson, [God of the Machine]

“There can be no greater stretch of arbitrary power than to seize children from their parents, teach them whatever the authorities decree they shall be taught, and expropriate from the parents the funds to pay for the procedure…The intrinsic nature of the power authorized was so little realized that this was called “free education,” the most absolute contradiction of facts by terminology of which the language is capable. Everything about such schools is compulsory, not free ” ~ Isabel Paterson

"The more subsidized it is, the less free it is. What is known as “free education” is the least free of all, for it is a state-owned institution; it is socialized education - just like socialized medicine or the socialized post office - and cannot possibly be separated from political control."

"We are being taxed to support schools that are systematically liquidating our most cherished beliefs." ~ Paul Vitz, Professor of Psychology at New York University

"We don’t even use the public school system, yet I am being forced to pay all this money into a public school system," he said. “I don’t think that’s really either fair or just or even ethical.” ~ Robert Fernandes of Forks Township, PA who homeschools his three children and paid his property taxes with a duffel bag of dollar bills

“Taxation is theft, purely and simply even though it is theft on a grand and colossal scale which no acknowledged criminals could hope to match. It is a compulsory seizure of the property of the State’s inhabitants, or subjects.” ~ Murray N. Rothbard

"The idea that “government” providing “benefits,” justifies theft and extortion is the ridiculous argument that it’s necessary for the people to be forcibly controlled & robbed so that “government” can protect them from those who want to forcibly control & rob them."

"What are called ‘public schools’ in many of America’s wealthy communities aren’t really ‘public’ at all. In effect, they’re private schools, whose tuition is hidden away in the purchase price of upscale homes there, and in the corresponding property taxes." ~ Robert Reich

“Among the many other questions raised by the nebulous concept of “greed” is why it is a term applied almost exclusively to those who want to earn more money or to keep what they have already earned—never to those wanting to take other people’s money in taxes or to those wishing to live on the largesse dispensed from such taxation. No amount of taxation is ever described as “greed” on the part of government or the clientele of government.” ~ Thomas Sowell, [The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy]

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency first by inflation then by deflation the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered… I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.” ~ Thomas Jefferson


Then Locke affirmed an explicit right to revolution: “whenever the Legislators endeavor to take away, and destroy the Property of the People, or to reduce them to Slavery under Arbitrary Power, they put themselves into a state of War with the People, who are thereupon absolved from any farther Obedience, and are left to the common Refuge, which God hath provided for all Men, against Force and Violence. Whensoever therefore the Legislative shall transgress this fundamental Rule of Society; and either by Ambition, Fear, Folly or Corruption, endeavor to grasp themselves, or put into the hands of any other an Absolute Power over the Lives, Liberties, and Estates of the People; By this breach of Trust they forfeit the Power, the People had put into their hands, for quite contrary ends, and it devolves to the People, who have a Right to resume their original Liberty.”


“Under such a fascist regime, the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which declares that no person shall “be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation,” has become yet another broken shield, incapable of rendering any protection against corporate greed while allowing the government to justify all manner of “takings” in the name of the public good.”
What we are grappling with is a government that has forfeited its purpose for existing.

“If school officials can punish your children for what they do or say while at home or in your care, your children are not your own—they are the property of the state.”

Property: The Foundation of All Rights

“It is no accident that a nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to justice for all protects property rights. Property is the foundation of every right we have, including the right to be free. Every right claim, after all, is a claim to some thing — either a defensive claim to keep what one is holding or an offensive claim to something someone else is holding.”


"Printing money is merely taxation in another form. Rather than robbing citizens of their money, government robs their money of its purchasing power." ~ Peter Schiff