Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the fittest is exactly how the world is and has always been, the idea that politicians and police are protecting & serving you is an illusion. They show up after a crime has been committed to profit from it and these days they don’t even show up. You’re delusional if you think calling the police is going to save you from someone who wants to kill you, by the time they respond, it’s too late. We are living through a short period of time where the welfare state, materialistic state has given the weakest of our society a chance to survive longer than usual. I recommend watching the following video about Cantillon Economic theory to learn more about this…

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Politicians create a weak society thats easily controlled which is why obesity, disease, fear, and homelessness, are rampant in our society. In nature, these types would not survive, and this way of life is unsustainable so it’s only a matter of time before things change, this is why we have covid vaccine lotteries so the weakest & dumbest people will be culled from the planet.