Things We Never Learn in School

“The most important thing we ever learn at school is the fact that the most important things can’t be learned at school.” ~ Haruki Murakami

“One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them.” ~ Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught falsehoods in school. And the person that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool” ~ Plato

“Rather than trying to stay on top of things, I am trying to get to the bottom of things.” ~ Donald Knut

These are the false beliefs of a schooled society:
1) What Your Rights Are:

2) How to Think Critically:

3) How to Grow Your Own Food:

4) How to Eat Healthy:

5) How to Take Care of Ourselves (self care)

6) How to detox the body & mind, especially from addictions:
Even though we will all deal with multiple addictions throughout our lives, we never learn how to cope with them or detox from them so they don’t end up completely destroying our lives. Instead, we live in a culture that encourages addiction instead of detox. Detox School! Porn, Gambling, Alcohol, Drugs, Food, Shopping, Technology.

“An alcoholic is someone who can violate his standards faster than he can lower them.” ~ Robin Williams

7) How to Breath Properly:
We are taught to breath in through our nose and out through our mouth. However, mouth breathing is NOT the best way to breath. Mouths are intended for eating, noses for breathing, both in and out. Babies are born breathing properly through their nose. A search for “humans are nose breathers” will bring up lots of results in support of nose breathing:

Multiple books have been written about the immense benefits of nose breathing such as:

The New York Times just published an article about nose breathing:

Even FitBit has a good article about nose breathing:

8) What Our Purpose in Life is:
School is a distraction from our purpose and passions. Students are taught that people are only motivated by outside factors. At schools, grades & teachers determine your lot in life and character, creativity, and curiosity are squandered. There’s no passion for learning because kids are being force fed subjects instead of learning math from a passionate interest in cars or making recipes. Self-reliance, independence, and self-motivation are crushed at schools. The truth is people who are only motivated by outside factors (never by an internal drive) simply won’t go as far or do as well as someone who lives to learn. That’s the beauty of the free market - if you’re willing to work hard and educate yourself, you will thrive. Schooling doesn’t prepare people for the real world. Unschooling is the real world. How do you prepare someone to live in the real world by locking them up in a very limited fake world? And ironically, people actually call this “learning” to live in the real world when in fact nothing is real about it at all.

9) The History and Purpose of Schooling:

10) How the Banking System Works:

11) How to Succeed

12) How to Protect Ourselves

13) How Not to Get Scammed

14) How to Navigate Using a Map & Compass (Orienteering):
See #10 here:

15) How to do Basic First Aid

16) How to Use Tools to Build Things:
Most schools no longer have wood or metal shops to help you learn how to use tools to build things. Decades ago, I took welding shop in school and learned a lot about how things are made. Ironically, our society has outsourced most manufacturing to other countries making it so our society no longer creates and builds things, but merely consumes.

17) How to Hydrate Properly:
Everything we’re taught about staying hydrated is wrong. Schools push artificial sports drinks as the best way to stay hydrated, but those are terrible for hydrating your body. The best thing you can do to stay hydrated is first and foremost start with pure clean water. Distilled water is the purest and cleanest water you can get so it is the absolute best because it removes all of the toxic ingredients. Next, if you’re not adding sea salt to your water, you are not hydrating properly. Once you have a glass of clean water, you remineralize it with a pinch of sea salt.

“Sea salt is the greatest electrolyte on the planet. No isolated mineral supplement even comes close to what sea salt can do for the human body. Sea salt contains every mineral needed for human health and in perfect balance. In fact, our blood is extremely similar to ocean water. It’s a fact that our body is a 17 gallons of salty water. Have you ever wondered why saline solutions are given in the hospital to those in critical condition? This is so the patient does not become dehydrated and die.”

“Every living organism on the planet requires salt. Without salt, life can not exist. However, it’s important to remember that table salt (NaCL) is pure poison. Real salt such as Celtic Sea Salt is one of the most life giving substances on Earth.”

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